Congratulations to two students who won

the 2021 academic Year Scholarship!

I've been learning Chinese for quite some time on my own and with the tutors and I'm amazed how much Shanghai International College of Culture helped me to progress in my studies! I'm a very scrupulous person and I LOVE to ask tons of questions about all the possible language nuances. So I'm very happy that all teachers of the college welcome you to ask extra questions, motivate you to learn more than there is in the textbooks, this really helps you to move forward faster! Now I'm working towards my HSK 6 and I bet that I'll pass the exam with the flying colours!

                                                                                                                                                                       —— Maria(俄罗斯)

I am currently a student of the intermediate level of Chinese language studies in the SICC Hanzhong Plaza. I started to attend the Chinese classes in this school during the covid epidemic, which sadly continues until today. This institute was the whole time for me not only the place of culture and continuing education, as this school stands for in its name, but also a place of refuge. A peaceful and soul recovering atmosphere, dedicated school board staff and especially my dear teachers. They all have been always ready to give me a helping hand by mastering my studies of Chinese language and supported me also when faced with challenges, which foreigners living far away from their country sometimes have.

What I also always highly appreciated, were the cultural and educational level of knowledge and human qualities from my fellow classmates coupled with their compassion, endeavour and determination to master higher level of language education. The staff of the school, day and night dedicated to students, made it enjoyable to study together, no matter one’s nationality, cultural and educational background or age. I found them smiling and welcoming every day, which made me feel like being at a second home. The teachers supported us under the motto “work hard, dream big”. Yes, studying of Chinese is challenging, but if you can every day realize that you are making progress, then you encounter this feeling as rewarding, fulfilling and providing an extreme satisfaction.

A former very wise president of my country, the Czech Republic, said: “As many languages you know, as many times you are human being.” Language is a soul of every nation, something that in a unique way tightly connects the people with their culture, something what they carry always in their heart. So, I am very glad, that I could make this culture experience. I am overjoyed to be connected with a community of the people from different countries, who all have a common aim, studying or supporting others in the study of Chinese language. I am also extremely proud, that it was me, who was chosen this year from my school to obtain a scholarship. I will never forget that I should work hard and dream big and thank my teachers who gave me the feeling that I can do it. I can’t be grateful enough for it.

                                                                                                                                                                       —— Iveta(捷克)