About SICC

Established in 1989 and sponsored by International Education Association Shanghai (IEAS), Shanghai International College of Culture (SICC) is a non-government college for international student authorized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC). The main campus is located in one of the most well known commercial area within walking distance to Jing’an Temple and West Nanjing Road. 

As the FIRST non-governmental colleges for international students, SICC has attracted over 4,000 foreign students from more than 30 different countries with our high quality service, large variety of language courses, various and colourful cultural experience as well as professional and experienced faculty.

High Quality Service

As the ONLY non-degree educational institute that has been authorized to issue Visa Application for Study in China (JW202), SICC provides relevant documents to our FULL TIME students for the need of X-Visa application. SICC also possesses a highly qualified team with multi-cultural competencies who provides counseling and support to students during their study with SICC.

● Providing relevant documents for X-visa application including Admission Letter and Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) to FULL TIME students who meet the minimum requirement of hours per term;

● Issuing transcripts and certificate to students who meet the requirement of completion;

● Providing counseling and support to students concerning accommodation, study, life in Shanghai during their study with SICC;

● As an authorized HSK Testing Centre, SICC provides support in registration for HSK Test and preparation courses for test-takers. 

Professional and Experienced Faculty

SICC has also been well reputed for our highly qualified faculty, consisting of professors, associate professors, and experienced young and middle aged teachers, who are proficient in one or two foreign languages and well trained in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. More importantly, in order to meet students’ request and better fulfill their targets in learning Chinese, SICC has long been carrying out in independent researches to develop more suitable textbooks and teaching materials for our students as well.

Large Variety of Language Courses

By diversified teaching methodologies and SICC has been offering classes with high flexibility to meet learners’ various needs: group classes with communicative approaches for comprehensive courses; centralized private courses for individual learners; tailored programs for specific use (survival, business, HSK preparation, etc).

● Small-sized group class for learners at various levels of Chinese ranging from Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper-intermediate and Advanced;

● Private classes for individual learners with high flexibility; Students are entitled to choose when and where to have classes at their own convenience; 

● Intensive small-sized group class for specific targets of learning: survival Mandarin, Business Chinese, HSK preparation, etc.;

● Tailored programs for staff training varying from Chinese language and culture to intercultural adaption; 

● Teachers’ training programs and internship of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. 

Various and Colourful Cultural Experience 

To enrich our students’ understanding of Chinese and culture, SICC also regularly organizes various cultural excursions, visits to local volunteer families, lecture and workshop on Chinese traditional culture, etc. 

● Courses and various experience of Chinese traditional culture: Chinese painting and calligraphy; traditional handcrafts (paper cutting, Chinese knots making, etc.); Chinese martial arts (Chinese kungfu, Taiqi, etc.); Chinese traditional opera and musical instruments, etc.;

● Cultural experiences: excursions in Shanghai and nearby cities, visits to local volunteer families, visits to local schools, institutes, companies, etc.;

● Business based training programs: Lectures, seminars and workshop on Chinese culture and intercultural adaptation; 

● Teachers’ and Staffs’ training.