Survival Chinese class

To better accommodate the various needs of our students, SICC has independently developed Survival Chinese Course for those beginner learners who are in urgent demand of survival skills in communicating in Chinese and living in Shanghai. 

In duration of 8 weeks with 96 classes in total, the course is designed with strong focus on feasibility and practicability by plenty of training in listening and speaking skills. Aiming to help beginners to quickly grasp daily topics including self-introduction and greetings, number and time, money exchange, shopping, catering, accommodation, travel, etc., the course also introduces popular mobile phone apps covering different aspects of daily life such as weather, shopping, dining, transporting, travelling etc to help our students adapt to their new life in Shanghai.

The course introduces respective topics during the 8 weeks. Since the course is designed to the expectoration of “survival skills”, the course is well combined with in-class lectures and real-scene practice to achieve the goal of “learn and truly live”. At the same time, a relevant popular mobile phone app in China will be introduced along with the theme of the week. The students will learn to talk with WeChat, to shop with Taobao, to order with E Le Ma, to reserve a taxi with Didi etc. 

In the past summer, 6 students with various backgrounds, who started their journey in Shanghai shortly, registered for the new course. After 8-week study, they are all able to start a simple conversation in Chinese and what is more important, their culture shock is relieved and their confidence to communicate and to socialize with local people has been established. We firmly believe that they will all continue their study on Chinese language and culture to better accustomed to their new life. 

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