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One student class

Individual instruction of Chinese language


1. Brief introduction of SICC:

Shanghai International College of Culture (SICC) is a non-government sponsored college authorized by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission (SMEC) to provide foreign students the opportunity in learning Chinese Language and Culture. Over 3000 foreign students from more than 30 different countries have studied in SICC since its establishment in 1989. The main campus of the college is located in downtown Shanghai, near West Nanjing Road Central. The other teaching venue is located in Gu Bei Community, Chang Ning District.

SICC offers a variety of classes and services for foreign students to learn Chinese language and culture. By flexible and diverse teaching models, SICC offers small-size class courses, tailored individual courses, and spare-time courses (courses in the evening and on weekends). In tailored individual courses, students can be involved in setting study schedule, selecting study venue and teaching materials. SICC also organizes various cultural trips, family visits and other visit activities on the students¡¯ requests.

The faculty of SICC consists of professors, associate professors, and experienced young and middle aged teachers, who are proficient in one or two foreign languages and well trained in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The textbooks adopted by SICC are published by East China Normal University, Peking University, and etc. SICC also adapts complementary teaching materials to meet students¡¯ special needs. SICC has various courses and teaching methods that are appreciated by the students.

The college will issue a certificate to the student who fulfills the course requirement and studies to a minimum of 80 class-hours.

2. Courses offered:
  (1) Chinese Courses:
Basic level Chinese, Intermediate level Chinese, and Advanced level Chinese, Coaching for HSK, Business Chinese, and Shanghai Dialect.
(2) Cultural Courses:

Survey of China (history, geography, folk custom, politics, and economy), Taiji Boxing and Swordplay, Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Instruments, etc.
In accordance with students¡¯ requests, SICC offers some lectures on China¡¯s economy and foreign trade, Shanghai¡¯s reform and opening and economic development, the contemporary Chinese society and culture, etc.
(3) English and Japanese program

3. Training Type and Period of schooling:

SICC accepts the registration all year round.
Classes are in small-size.
1) Long-term Courses:
Half a year (one semester); one year (two semesters)
* Spring semester: from February to June every year;
* Autumn semester: from September to January of the following year.
2) Short-term Courses:
Courses of 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months.
3) Individual Courses:
Both short-term and long-term courses are available.
4) Spare-time Courses:Courses in the evening from Monday to Friday, and daytime on weekends
5) Chinese courses for Children.

4. Accommodations:

SICC offers free consultation for students to find their accommodation in Shanghai.
SICC helps students to contact the hostels in the universities with convenient transportation.
Accommodation fee is paid by the students.

5. Fees(RMB):

1.Application fee:
RMB 150 Yuan for the applicant who does not apply for X-visa (visa for study in China);
RMB 450 Yuan for the applicant who needs to apply for X-visa.
2.Fees for books and accessories:
Fees for books and accessories are paid subject to the actual prices, usually around RMB 200 Yuan for one semester / per person.
3.Tuition Fee: * (1 lesson = 45 minutes)

  Chinese language class:
A. Long-term class:(Minium 8 students per class)
¢Ù 20 lessons/per week: 9000 Yuan RMB /per term
                        17500 Yuan RMB /per year
¢Ú 12 lessons/per week: 7560 Yuan RMB /per term
¢Û 8 lessons/per week:  5500 Yuan RMB /per term

B. Short-term class: (Minium 8 students per class)
¢Ù 20 lessons/per week, 3400 Yuan RMB /1 month(4 weeks);
¢Ú 20 lessons/per week, 6400 Yuan RMB /2 months(8weeks);
¢Û 20 lessons/per week, 8640 Yuan RMB /3 months (12 weeks);
¢Ü 20 lessons/per week, 1000 Yuan RMB for 1 weeks;
¢Ý 20 lessons/per week, 1800 Yuan RMB for 2 weeks;
¢Þ 20 lessons/per week, 2600 Yuan RMB for 3 weeks

  C. Individual instruction and Mini Group Class:

a. Chinese Language£¬Coaching for HSK and other special programs
One student class: RMB 100 Yuan /per lesson;
Two students class: RMB 85 Yuan / per lesson / per person;
Three students class: RMB 75 Yuan / per lesson / per person;
Four students class: RMB 70 Yuan / per lesson / per person;
Note: An increase of 10% tuition is to be charged for the evening and weekends¡¯ courses.

  Culture classes: (1 period=1 hour)

(The tuition listed below is for individual teaching. For small-size class teaching, the tuition is to vary with the number of the students in the class.)
a. Chinese Painting: RMB 200 Yuan / per hour / per person
b. Calligraphy: RMB 180 Yuan / per hour / per person
c. Taiji Boxing, Swordplay: RMB 200 Yuan / per hour / per person

Note: For other short-term cultural courses, the tuition is to vary subject to the specific contents.


Study tour for retired people:
the tuition is to vary subject to the contents of Chinese language study and cultural trips.

6. Application procedures and registration:
  (1) Applicants in Shanghai should visit SICC in person; fill out the Application Form; pay the tuition; confirm the courses, time and place of the class.

(2) Applicants abroad:
Ask for Application Form from SICC and fill in "Application Form of Shanghai International College of Culture for Foreign Students" (or download it from the SICC web site: www.sicccn.com). Send the compleated form along with a copy of the front page of Passport and 450 Yuan RMB, or US dollors numerically equivalent to 450 Yuan RMB payable to SICC; (personal check or money order is acceptable) 7 weeks before class begins.

Upon receiving the application and application fee, SICC will send Admission Notice and Visa Clearance Form JW202 to applicants three weeks before registration.

Applicants should take Admission Notice and Visa clearance Form JW202 to the Chinese Embassy (or consulate) while applying for "X" visa. (note: make sure to take back the JW202 Form)

  (3)If applicants in China who hold other visa than "X" visa and wish to study in SICC, SICC will help them to change their visa into "X" visa in China.
  (4) SICC will make arrangement to pick up(or see off) the students at the airport upon their requests at their own costs.
7. Contact Information:

Address:  2nd Floor, No. 300 Xikang Road, Benben Plaza, Shanghai,200040, P.R.China;
Telephone: 54030618; 54035731;
Fax: 54035731
Email: sicccn@aliyun.com
Web: www.sicccn.com

You are welcome to study at Shanghai International College of Culture
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